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Twitter is the place where hot takes, award shows, celebrity drama, and memes can cause a deep divide. But today, there’s a public enemy uniting all of Twitter, and it’s a young girl named Lizzie.

Perfect attendance is something every child strives to achieve, especially since it usually results in some kind of reward—a cookie, candy, a sticker, etc. For Taylor, the young girl who stole Twitter’s heart this morning in a now-viral video, her perfect attendance earned her a bright pink pencil—the only one in her class. But things got a little sticky when a fellow classmate named Lizzie took Taylor’s pencil—and has yet to return it.

Taylor broke down the entire scenario for us in the video. “Yesterday, I put my pink ‘Perfect Attendance’ pencil in the sharpening box—I’m the only one who has the same type of those [pencils],” she explains to her mother, Tab. After unpacking, Taylor returned to the sharpening box to grab her sharpened pencil, only to discover “nothing but yellow plain old pencils.”

So Taylor had to use one of the “plain old pencils” because “somebody, and I know who, stole my Perfect Attendance pencil who didn’t even earn one because they were in Canada.” And that someone is Lizzie. So Taylor confronted Lizzie after seeing her classmate using the bright pink pencil, but Lizzie refused—even after another classmate named Reese jumped to Taylor’s defense.

Lizzie then promised to return the pencil after recess but never followed through, and Taylor’s teacher didn’t do anything to rectify the situation. “Lizzie has my pencil, and I still don’t have it,” Taylor says at the end of the video, to which her mother replies, “It’s just a pencil.” But it’s not. “It’s a Perfect Attendance Pencil,” Taylor scoffs. The injustice made its way to Twitter and has users miffed. Of course, we’re not animals and don’t hate little Lizzie, but justice shall be served!

Ahead, the best reactions to little Taylor’s Perfect Attendance Pencil case. Olivia Pope, do your thing.

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