Kim Kardashian spotted the neighbor no one ever thought she would during a walk around Calabasas yesterday: a live lobster-looking creature walking down her street. The reality star shared a clip on her Instagram, writing, “A lobster on our street. What is happening?!?!”

She was so disturbed that she also posted about it on her Twitter, writing,”just confused how a lobster is walking on my street in Calabasas! What is happening?!?!?!”

These really are strange times.


Twitter had a field day though, joking about the incident.

A Calabasas Lobster Twitter account was created that already has 2,000 followers. “Wtf I think I just passed Kim K’s house,” it tweeted. Over 4,500 people liked it:

“1,000 likes and I’ll bite Kanye,” it joked. 4,100 people liked that one, so watch out, Ye:

Some thought having a lobster walking around your neighborhood is the ultimate sign of wealth:

Others quipped about the irony of a lobster being papped by a woman who gets papped all the time. “oh to be a lobster walking down the street in calabasas being papped by kim kardashian,” one wrote.

“Me pretending to be a lobster so i can get in Kim Kardashians street in Calabasas,” another quipped.

Many others were like let the lobster live:

And some pointed out that’s not even a lobster; it’s a crawfish:

The general theme seemed to be 2020 is already the weirdest year, so this would happen. Might as well have fun with it.

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