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Expert bathers know that the pillow maketh the bath. Along with foamy bubbles, bath trays, and soothing candles, there’s no better way to elevate your self-care ritual than with a cushiony, luxurious pillow.

Bath pillows come in all shapes in sizes, but its purpose remains the same: to cradle your head, neck, and back against your bathtub’s uncomfortable ledge. From standard rectangular tubs to oval clawfoot, these cushiony mats will fit and stay secure in any set up.

Ahead, the best bath pillows to turn your tub into the ultimate spa experience.

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Bathtub Pillow

Made with thick padding and extra soft mesh, this classic bath pillow will make it even harder to leave the tub.  


Waterproof Bath Pillow

grace & stella


Upgrade from your regular bath pillow with this pretty printed cushion. Seven suction cups ensure no slips or sliding while you bathe. 


Bathtub Bath Pillow

Everlasting Comfort


Breathable mesh, built-in drying hooks, and strong suction cups make this bath pillow a top Amazon pick. 


Brookstone Mesh Bath Pillow



Settle into the quilted mesh of this luxury bath pillow, which includes extra head padding and Flow-Thru technology to prevent mold and mildew.


Take It Easy Bath Pillow

Is there anything cuter than this rainbow bath pillow? Inflate this cushion for ultimate comfort and secure it to your tub using its four suction cups. 


Original Spa Bath Pillow

Gorilla Grip


The classic bath pillow is elevated with extended padding to cover the head, shoulders, and neck. This Amazon favorite also comes in different colors: pink, blue, white, and gray. 


Bath Lounger Tub Mat Set



Get a full body bath pillow and really start living. These padded mats provide support throughout the body, with suctions cups to prevent slipping. If you’ve ever wanted to bathe and feel like you’re in bed, this is the pillow for you. 

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