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Jennifer Lopez’s Oscar campaign for Hustlers reached new heights when a fan and self-proclaimed “backup dancer” for the star requested an entire flight watch the film. Joseph Longo, culture writer at MEL Magazine, tweeted on Monday, “In honor of JLO’s #GoldenGlobes nomination this morning, I WILL make sure everyone watches Hustlers on this flight.”

He followed his original tweet with a more direct call-to-action. “Hey @JetBlue, there are definitely Oscar voters on this NY to LA flight,” he wrote. “Please let me make an announcement!”

Apparently, the in-flight crew caught wind of Longo’s plea, as he soon uploaded a video of the pilot broadcasting “a special request from one of our customers, Mr. Joseph Longo.”

“He’s a well-known backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez, and as of this morning, Jennifer Lopez was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in Hustlers,” the pilot continued. “Hustlers is one of our in-flight movie options. We’d greatly appreciate if you join us in supporting Ms. Lopez and watch Hustlers on our flight today. Thanks for your support, and we hope Jennifer wins that Oscar.”

Longo clarified in the accompanying tweet, “I called myself The Backup JLo, but I guess I’m her backup dancer. The friendly skies supports our Fly Girl!”

A fellow in-flight stan confirmed this account tweeting that the pilot made “history’s only good midair announcement” with the request. Lopez herself responded to the successful stunt, tweeting, “This is amazing!!!!!!! You can be my backup dancer any day 🕺🏻THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! @josephlongo_@JetBlue ♥️😂.”

Lopez’s Ramona might as well have wrapped the entire flight in a fur coat and called them “baby.” Longo later confirmed he “counted 15 flyers watching Hustlers” while responding to a tweet of gratitude from Lorene Scafaria, the film’s writer/director.

The actress has been receiving critical and awards season praise for her role in the movie, picking up a Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actress on November 9.

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