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Meghan Markle has done more behind the scenes than just personally deliver meals to those in need in Los Angeles. The Duchess of Sussex is also working to help those living in poverty and at risk in London to get the food they need during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Evening Standard reports that the Duchess is supporting its new Food for London Now initiative. Meghan also had a secret Zoom call with the women of Hubb Community Kitchen, whom she worked with before to create their charity Community cookbook, to discuss their efforts. Hubb Community Kitchen will be cooking and starting a new meals delivery service for those struggling to feed themselves. The Felix Project will provide much of the produce.

In a clip shared by Evening Standard, Meghan told the women, “You all had it in you and what was so great is the fact that that first day and then however many visits later and going, yeah, we’re just going to make a cookbook—not realizing but knowing and having a lot of faith in what you guys could bring to the table and what you could inspire but obviously not knowing what a huge success it would be. That’s just a testament to you and what I love, again, is that it’s just inspired so many people.”

The Duchess also released a statement to the outlet praising their work and the Standard‘s initiative. She said:

The spirit of the Hubb Community Kitchen has always been one of caring, giving back and helping those in need, initially in Grenfell and now throughout the UK. A home-cooked meal from one neighbor to another, when they need it most, is what community is all about. I’m so proud of the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen, and the continued support The Felix Project gives them to carry out these acts of goodwill, which at this moment are urgently needed. I’m equally moved by the many people who are contributing to the Evening Standard’s campaign to raise money for these vital organizations in the wake of COVID-19.

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