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The royal family loves a portrait. For the Queen’s 90th birthday, the family had special portraits done by Annie Leibovitz. The great-grandchildren, Princess Anne, and the corgis all make appearances. Considering this grand tradition, it’s not a shock that Kensington Palace just released photos of all the heirs in the royal family: Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George. They’re all there.

One photo shows Prince George stirring pudding, surrounded by his grandfather, Charles, his father, William, and his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is part of the Poppy Legion’s “Together at Christmas” initiative. Prince Charles looks amused by something George said or did; he’s in mid-laugh in one of the photos.

In another shot, Prince Charles appears to be helping his 6-year-old grandson mix the Christmas puddings. The Queen also looks like she’s about to lend a hand to her son and great-grandson (to only be in that room and get some Christmas baking tips from the Queen!).

Though they aren’t always as candid as these (or involve desserts) the royal family also takes a portrait after a big wedding. Last year, for example, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took a family photo after their wedding and the Palace released it later on Twitter.

The only royal not in that portrait is Prince Louis, who was not even a month old when his aunt and uncle got married last May.

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