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Katy Perry doled out some candid relationship advice on last night’s American Idol episode, rooted in her own experience with her fiancé Orlando Bloom. The singer told a couple who were competing, Margie Mays and Jonny West, after they did a poorly-received performance that for her and Bloom, space is necessary for them to stay at their best.

“One thing that’s going very well in my current relationship—yes, I did secure the ring—one thing I have noticed that is really helpful giving each other a little space,” she said. “In this competition, it’s great to have understanding and partnership and to be teammates and support each other. But this time is about fulfilling your personal dreams. Just know your priorities right now. Because I think both of you kind of suffered in what you showed a little bit. We know you’re both better than what you gave, ok?”

Perry and Bloom took a break after dating for one year. At the time, February 2017, the two’s reps released a statement saying that Perry and Bloom were taking “respectful, loving space at this time.”

The two ultimately reconciled and started dating again in spring 2018. On Valentine’s Day 2019, Bloom proposed to Perry. A little over a year later, Perry announced she was pregnant with the couple’s first child at the beginning of March. Their baby is due in the summer.

“I’m excited, we’re excited, and happy,” Perry said on her Instagram Story, following her music video announcement of the news. “It’s probably the longest secret I’ve ever had to keep. I thought I would tell you guys in the best way through a piece of music.”

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