The year 2019 has blessed us with an abundance of memes, sensational scammers, and viral celeb moments—all ripe for the picking this #SpookySzn. is here to help you win Hallowmeme with our complete guide to costumes for people who love the Internet.

What is Euphoria?


As the HBO show that had the entire team talking when it aired, Euphoria follows several high school students as they navigate drugs, sex, and relationships while also looking incredibly hot.

The second the girls of Euphoria appeared on TV, they were basically begging you to dress like them for Halloween. Cute outfits that can be pulled from your own stock of party clothes? Bright makeup that you’d probably be scared to wear on a daily basis? The excuse to pretend you’re Zendaya or Sydney Sweeney for a night? Let’s fucking go. Here’s your primer on dressing like a Euphoria girl during this spooky season.

You should wear this costume if…

You’ve been yearning to dress like a cool teen since you first saw the show. Also works if you have a pile of going-out clothes that you’ve been itching to put to good use.

How to get it:

The key to this costume is the makeup. Thankfully, has already laid out exactly how to get four different Euphoria beauty looks, depending on whether you want to channel your inner Maddy, Kat, or Jules. For the rest of the look, pull on a mesh shirt, a leather skirt, and lots of confidence. And don’t skimp on the rhinestones.

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